The bank of ghana act

Menzgold has a license from the Minerals Commission of Ghana to undertake the aforementioned business. As soon as local politicians and economists saw political independence in sight in the mids the agitation for a central bank was revived.

Conflict of interest and cooling-off periods are also provided for. Halm 05 Oct Aug Mr. Corporate Governance Directive While, section 56 of Act gives the BoG the power to prescribe corporate governance rules for banks, it is section 92 which gives the BoG the power to issue directives to among others, give effect to the Act.

Under section 60 a bank cannot appoint or elect a director without the prior written notice and subsequent approval of the BoG.

Bank of Ghana

Who can regulate that understanding? Section - 21 - The Secretary The Bank shall have an officer designated the Secretary who shall be appointed by the Board to perform the functions of maintaining a secretariat for the Board and ensuring accurate recording of proceedings and decisions of the Board and to perform such other functions as the Governor or the Board may direct.

Kwabena Duffuor 17 Jul —30 Sept Dr. Halm 05 Oct Aug Mr.

Bank of Ghana Act No. 612

As soon as local politicians and economists saw political independence in sight in the mids the agitation for a central bank was revived. Management is required to report such exposures to the directors and then to the BoG. The OTC option reduces such financial derivatives to a mere contract between two parties.

The schedule can be found on the last page of the act. According to sources in the industry, the deduction of 0. If a bank fails to comply with liquidity requirements, a director is liable to pay a daily penalty under section Under section 70, it is the directors of the bank at a duly constituted meeting, who shall approve lending to insiders and their related interests.

Section - 2 - Functions of the Bank of Ghana

As a result, she is not a Financial Institution and therefore has no business with the Bank of Ghana. The company, which started from a humble beginning with three staff from a small room in the Kingsway Building in Accra, now has a staff strength of about This was blamed in part on excessive speculation and allegations of manipulation.

Acquah 01 Oct - 30 Sept Mr.

Borrowers and Lenders Act No. 773

The most common underlying assets of financial derivatives are therefore bonds, stocks, commodities, interest rates and market indices. Kessels 21 Aug Sep Mr. For example, while the Commodity Exchange Authority only regulated agricultural commodities enumerated in the Commodity Exchange Act, the Act granted the CFTC exclusive jurisdiction over futures trading in all commodities.

To equally overhaul the current system, Parliament should cause the establishment of a body that captures the area MenzGold is treading on. A director must attend at least fifty percent of all meetings to qualify for re-election.

Section 61 prohibitsadvances, loans or credit facilities against the shares of the bank, its financial holding company or subsidiary.

Section - 41 - Legal tender

In fact, the Securities and Exchange Commission is duty bound to create the necessary atmosphere for the orderly growth and development of the capital market in this instance.Act Bank of Ghana Act, (3) An instrument issued under subsection (2) may include provisions relating to inspection; management audit; and any other aspect of operation of non-banking institutions.

(4) An instrument issued under subsection (2) shall be under the signature of the Governor. Authorised shares of the Bank 5. OF GHANA ENTITLED THE BANKING ACT, AN ACT to amend and consolidate the laws relating to banking, to regulate institutions which carry on banking business and to provide for other related matters.

DATE OF ASSENT: 29th January, BE IT ENACTED by Parliament as follows: PART I - PRELIMINARY MATTERS Application of the Companies Code 1. Bank of Ghana Act No. of is the main law governing the Bank of Ghana. The act establishes the authority and defines the functions of the Bank of Ghana, including that of regulation and supervision of the financial sector.

The Bank of Ghana Ordinance (No) of was repealed by the Bank of Ghana Act (), Act This Act was subsequently amended by the Bank of Ghana (Amendment Act)(Act ).The Bank. The Bank shall be the sole custodian of the state funds both in and outside Ghana, and may by notice published in the Gazette authorise any other person or institution to act as custodian of any such funds as may be specified in the notice.

Bank of Ghana Act, Act PART VII—BANKING SUPERVISION AND RESEARCH Head of Banking Supervision and supervision of financial institutions Statistical data and publication of bulletins and reports Request for research information PART VIII—ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT Accounts and audit General returns

The bank of ghana act
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