Potential tension between maintaining confidentiality

Describe the Potential Tension Between Maintaining an Individuals Confidentiality

Confidentiality is of paramount importance on a workplace. Retention of records can be jeopardized by the so-called "best evidence" rule.


Thus, privacy rights are to be considered derived and not explicit rights. One goal for an HDO must be to assure the public of reasonable, if not absolute, safety. First, privacy in general and informational privacy in particular are always matters of degree.

It requires that the researcher neither re-identify the data nor contact the research participant and contains assurances that appropriate safeguards will be used to prevent improper use or disclosure of the Limited Data Set. This page tells you more about who has to tell the police or the local authority about child abuse.

Examples include the sharing of health record information within organizations in one industry e. Journal of Law and Ethics in Dentistry, 1 2 In the others, the therapist is mandated to report based upon "suspicion.

The development and application of the concept of privacy in American law encompasses three clusters of ideas. Mandated child abuse reporting and the confidentiality privilege. These state-by-state and intrastate variations and inconsistencies in privacy and confidentiality laws are well established among those knowledgeable about health care records law e.

4 Information Sharing and Confidentiality

It is important that a clear policy be defined for re-identification. For example, information from a young child may give rise to suspiciousness which cannot be confirmed by anyone. Therapists are civilly liable for breaching confidentiality as well as risking the loss of their license.

Search Describe the Potential Tension Between Maintaining an Individuals Confidentiality and Disclosing Concerns All settings should have a designated person to deal with child protection issues.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 16 2 The number of additional characters needed depends on the degree of error detection and correction that designers think is necessary for the circumstances. In this case, maintaining confidentiality becomes important for the security of the information that is at your disposal.May 30,  · Best Answer: Confidentiality should where possible always be observed if your role is a privileged one eg, law, medicine, social services etc.

However, where there is a duty of care, disclosure should take place specifically in relation to child protection, terrorism and duty of care to Status: Resolved. Confidentiality or secrecy in the workplace is a must for safety reasons. Read more on confidentiality in workplace and learn how to maintain confidentiality at the workplace.

Because norms of science and government agencies favor open access to all scientific data, the tension between the benefits of open access and the risks associated with potential breach of confidentiality pose significant challenges to researchers, research sponsors, scientific institutions, and data archivists.

Even though parents, children and the staff members who use their sites do not discuss the potential tension between maintaining confidentiality is a very.

Describe the potential tension between maintaining an individual’s confidentiality and disclosing concerns. • Where abuse of a child or young person is suspected All settings should have a designated person to deal with child protection issues.

This section presents examples of the potential confidentiality and privacy problems that might be encountered with health data, either in patient record form or in databases accessed or held by HDOs.

Potential tension between maintaining confidentiality
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