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The contest deadline is January 18, This is an annual contest. Scholastic sponsors this Essay contest homeschool, and the central theme is following Jackie Robinson's values of justice, commitment, courage and teamwork. Essay competitions also give students a real audience to write for - someone beyond just mom and dad.

Choose an historical event that occurred between A. Entry categories include documentary, exhibit, paper, website or performance. While in the process, if your child happens to win, or gain recognition, then there is an added bonus!

Your main character must use engineering design principles to solve a problem - she cannot use or rely on magic or supernatural powers. Students grades 1 through 12 including home-schooled children are eligible to enter and all entries must portray North American game birds or animals that may be legally hunted or trapped.

This could be a war, a single battle in a war, a plague, the coronation of a king, the passage of a law or decree, an ecumenical council, a revolution, an invention, a birth or death, a marriage, etc. The deadline for entry is March 4th, and students need to write about a creative invention and also illustrate it.

Paul, the author of the book, provides amazingly succinct and practical instructions on how to live life to the fullest. The students will write an essay on the topic: Excellent and rigorous guidelines on website, including sample winning essays from previous years.

Essay Contest

Entrant Qualifications Category 1: Participating in NHD is a rewarding experience for strong students interested in history and a great foundation for a potential future in the field.

Optimist International Oratorical Contest Deadline: Postmark Deadline for entries and electronic submissions: Speeches are eight to 10 minutes long; three- to five-minute speeches on an assigned topic also are part of the contest. Each year a theme is selected and you write about the theme.

The contest is open to United States high school students in grades nine through twelve attending public, private, parochial, or home schools; U. It's like doing unit studies that your student develops on his own, with the contest guidelines helping focus the study towards a final end product.

Registration begins annually in September. Choose an historical event that occurred between A. Writing Contests The Critical Pass: Students enter at local club level contacts listed on websitethen on to district level, and winners earn an all-expenses-paid weeklong trip to Valley Forge Freedoms Foundation 4-day workshop.

Many states have local competitions, leading to state and national competition - large submissions are also welcomed. You could give a couple examples of practical applications and then compare and contrast them, showing how it would work out in real life.

Homeschool Student Writing Contests: Developing Skills in Preparation for College

The same Committee that selects the Award winner also selects the winners of the Essay Contest. TheHomeSchoolMom may be compensated for any of the links in this post through sponsorships, paid ads, free or discounted products, or affiliate links.

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Essays should be typed, double spaced, 11 pt in Times New Roman font. Dec 01, The Congressional Seminar Essay contest is open to students in grades 10,11, You could use the narrative approach and tell about a personal experience, or one from history, to demonstrate your point.Essays become property the of St.

Kosmas Homeschool Association. Essay Submission Process: All contestants must submit their essay as a pdf through an online. Submissions for the Profile in Courage Essay Contest will be accepted starting September 1, The contest deadline is January 18, This is an annual contest.

Pro-Life Essay Contest: The Culture of Life Studies Program is teaming up with the Institute for Excellence in Writing to offer students in grades K the chance to express their pro-life beliefs.

Prizes include cash awards and some cool pro-life gear! Association of Women in Math Essay Contest Deadline: Jan 10, Any teacher from a public school or a private school is welcome to register their students. Open to Homeschool students in grades 2 - 8.

This is an annual contest. (No information found about TheHomeSchoolMom may be compensated for any of the links in this post. The contest is open to all students in Catholic schools – parochial, private and homeschool. We hope teachers and parents will incorporate this essay contest into their lesson plans and encourage their students to participate!

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage: Essay Contest"In whatever arena of life one may meet the challenge of courage, whatever may be the sacrifices he faces if he follows his conscience each man must.

Essay contest homeschool
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