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Thus, in one embodiment of the AVS 11, the AVS line 72 is used to determine the voltage level for a given operating frequency. In another embodiment, the AVS comprises at least one delay circuit configured to receive an input signal.

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Depending on the configuration of the AVS module 28, the new voltage level is determined. As previously discussed, one function of the AVS module 28 determines a new voltage level for powering the functional circuit s 15 for a given new, determined operating frequency.

The method further comprises delaying the input signal by a delay amount relating to at least one delay path of a functional circuit to produce a delay output signal, and generating a voltage level setting signal based on a voltage level stored in the database associated with an operating frequency for and temperature level of the functional circuit s and delay information in the delay output signal.

Various embodiments are disclosed herein that illustrate examples of the AVS module 28 determining the new voltage level for the new operating frequency.

Although the operating frequency, voltage level characteristic curve 54 represents the ideal minimum voltage levels for operating frequencies of the functional circuit s 15 in this example, delay variation conditions can shift the characteristic curve 54 from ideal conditions.

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In this manner, the functional circuit is operated at an increased voltage level over the voltage level previously stored in the database for the target operating frequency. Posted by Tim Mangan on Apr 8, 2: The AVS 11 generates a voltage level setting signal 20 as an input into a voltage regulator 22 to control the voltage level of the voltage signal In this manner, the AVS module 28 can generate the voltage level setting signal 20 to return the functional circuit s 15 to a specific, optimal voltage level setting rapidly for new operating frequencies that have been previously explored without having to wait for the new operating frequency to settle.

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As discussed above, the AVS module 28 is configured to determine and set an operating frequency and voltage level for the functional circuit s Storing voltage levels for temperature level bands can require less memory than providing or allocating memory in the AVS database 44 sufficient to store voltage levels for each possible temperature level.

In this example, the AVS database 44 contained a previously explored and learned voltage level for the new operating frequency f1 see, e.

Programmable timer for updating in automatic mode.

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CMOS level compatible Analog input voltage range: The AVS module 28 then sets the new voltage level adjusted with the voltage offset as the voltage level setting signal 20 to provide the new voltage level to the functional circuit s 15 for operation block The first monthly payment shall be due and payable at the time of installation.

Likewise, the higher the temperature, typically, the slower the functional circuit s 15 will be capable of operating. Otherwise, the AVS module 28 would not be able to set the voltage level setting signal 20 to the new voltage level in one clock cycle as illustrated in the voltage level timing diagram 93 of FIG.

Thus, as illustrated in the voltage level timing diagram 92 in FIG.8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillance, AVSSKlagenfurt, Austria, August 30 - September 2, IEEE Computer SocietyISBN Main track.

DM H 1 Channel NTSC/PAL Decoder with fast switch function Final 1 Doc No: DMDS-F01 September 13, DAVICOM Semiconductor, Inc. assignment. Power Supply Pins AVSS 5 GNDPLL 9 TPAD 41 AVSS 25 DGND 12 AVSS 17 AVSS 29 AGND 30 DGND 36 C3 uf C4 uf C2 10uF C6 10uF C1 10uF C18 10uF L5 FB 1 2 C20 uf L4 FB 1 2 C17 AN-B 1 1 4 PCB.

CHRONTEL reference design schematic, which should contact Applications within Chrontel, Inc. CM Datasheet - Page 8. Download or read online C-Media Electronics CM CM USB Audio Chip Specification pdf datasheet.

Also see for CM Datasheet #1 (42 pages). MT All-in-One GNSS Datasheet © MediaTek Inc.

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Page 3 of 31 This document contains information that is proprietary to MediaTek Inc. (“MediaTek”) and/or. CMA support 8 / / 16 / / 32 / / 48 KHz sampling rate and high quality bit resolution and friendly General purpose inputs and outputs for customized functions.

Avss assignment 1
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